Fast fashion: an environmental disaster – Anitha Clemence

“I have been a shopaholic. But now I have reinvented myself.”   After reading a UN report about climate change, influencer Anitha Clemence with 58.000 followers on Instagram, decided to stop consuming clothes. First, for three months. Then she expanded that shopping stop to a year.  “I felt that I was a bad role model, both for my followers and for my kids”, Anitha says.  She wants people to think more about:

  • How fast fashion destroys the environment
  • How we consume things we don’t need, just to throw them away
  • How we associate happiness and self-worth with having the latest outfit

The result? Praise, but also criticism and a loss of income.    Still, Anitha says it’s been totally worth it.   Watch this episode on YouTube, listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.   What about you? Does this make you feel inspired? Ashamed? Happy?